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Do you need to reach a wider audience, but your high school French is a little rusty? Are you in the market for something better than what you can get from a machine translation? Whether you need to translate social media posts, corporate or legal documents, technical data sheets or website content, I can help.


Are you talented when it comes to business, but a bit weak in the writing department? Is your pen as fluid as the Bard’s, but you just don’t have enough time? Whether you need ad copy, information leaflets, data sheets, blog posts, magazine articles or web content, I can help.


Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, you know your business. Are you sure your writing reflects your expertise? The best writers know that an impartial editor is their best ally. If you want to make sure your communications are always letter-perfect, I can help.

Hélène Montpetit works quickly and with great attention to detail. Her dedication to clients is clearly expressed through the exceptional support provided from start to completion of each project. We truly appreciate her solidarity for environmental causes and it is a huge plus that she has developed the specialized vocabulary in our field. We highly recommend Hélène to any individual/organization/business looking for someone to help with the development of communications material or to translate any written material from English to French or French to English.

Robyn Reese, Hudson Food Collective

"Hélène keeps it real, she's respectful, helpful, collaborative, totally reasonable and from my perspective the work always seems go well. We worked together on web and print projects for several years and it's always been a pleasure working with her."

Paul Berryman, Graphic Artist

"I had the pleasure of working with Helene on Transition NDG Film projects and was thoroughly impressed with the high level of work she prepared for the press kit and other materials. She is a talented graphic designer and created extremely attractive flyers, posters, and other materials for publication and distribution to promote our events."

Rosemarie Schade, Professor Emeritus and Publisher of Schlierbach Geschschte Wegsceide 1945-1948

"Whether it is translation or strategic consulting, working with Hélène has been a pleasure both in my capacity as coordinator with the Montréal Climate Coalition, and as National Campaign Manager with the Climate Reality Project. Hélène is the kind of ally you want in your corner."

Matthew Chapman, Montreal Climate Coalition

"Over all the years I’ve dealt with freelancers, I can honestly say that Hélène is the most versatile. She is one of those rare people who can translate well English to French and vice-versa), as well as edit and proofread. Her original writing is engaging, grammatical and thoroughly researched. She can work with text and illustrations together, which always produces a superior result. Hélène genuinely cares and won’t let go until the work is up to her standards, which are high. Combine this with her quick turnaround time, and you have the best support you could wish for in a communications project."

Elizabeth Hirst, MA, ARP, FCPRS, Hirst Communications

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