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Rates and payment options

Rates and payment options


Generally, I work on a per hour or per word basis, but I am open to other arrangements.

My rate for translation varies between $0.13 and $0.23 per word, depending on the industry standard for your sector, the number of words and level of specialization of the source text, and the time allotted to complete the work. Discounts may apply for high-volume or recurring work.

I charge a flat rate somewhere between $37.50 and $50/hr. for everything else.

For an estimate, please contact me.

Payment options

Choose between the standard approach or the gift economy (friendly win-win exchange based on mutual trust and the value of the work). All donations or payments can be made using the PayPal application on this page, through bank transfer or by cheque.

The traditional way

This payment method applies to corporate clients and can also be chosen by anyone who needs an invoice to deduct costs. Please note that as I am not registered as a charity, I cannot provide tax receipts.

The new paradigm: the gift economy

Why the gift economy?
  • Because each of us should be able to give our special talents and abilities to the world.
  • Because people who follow their passion and who give from the heart are happier and tend to produce higher quality work.
  • Because “living in the gift” encourages creating and maintaining wholesome communities in which healthy interdependence provides for everyone’s true needs.

The movement toward consciously devoting one’s time and attention to creating a more sustainable, socially just and financially equitable world is growing.

It can do so in part because working in the gift, unlike volunteering, does not mean working for free, but rather trusting that some form of sustenance will be received following the giving of one’s resources, product or service. The return offering may come from the person who received the original gift or from a completely different person, someone who wishes to support the work being contributed or who wants to “pay it forward”.

I believe alternatives to the current system are urgently needed and welcome the opportunity to help individuals, charities and community groups who may not always have the means to pay for my services.

I am very grateful to my business clients and the wonderful people who refer them to me. I am grateful also to the people give me things I need or contribute financially to help me pay for my operating and basic living expenses. Their support makes it possible for me to help build the foundations of a more equitable world and to continue moving toward the more satisfying lifestyle that naturally grows out of living and working in the gift.