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Good things.

Don’t have the budget to hire big name agencies? I’ve worked with them and learned from them.

Don’t need a full-time writer, editor, translator, graphic artist or web & social media specialist? Pay only for what you need when you need it, at a rate you can afford.

Who am I? Someone who has spent most of her working life supporting leaders. I helped them write their bios, develop projects and programs, draft compelling briefs and presentations. I made sure their brand was visible, respected, recognizable. I made sure they sounded good in both official languages, to audiences here and abroad. In the service of their goals, I learned the ins and outs of website design, event organization, trade magazine publishing and more, collaborating with some of the top talent in Quebec to develop communications strategies, web content, visuals and white papers.

Now I want to put all these wonderful skills to work for people who are just starting out or doing good work on a shoestring. People like you.

Get professional help with your communications and marketing materials.
Top quality work.
On time.
On budget.
Every time.

Drop me a line. Let’s do good things together.