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Even the best writers can attest to the benefits of having an experienced and impartial reader check their work for clarity, grammar and readability. In 2017-2018, I acted as managing editor for Rising Up! / Viser haut !, a weekly blog published on the Christ Church Cathedral Major Fundraising Campaign website. I was privileged to edit texts by experienced and inexperienced contributors and am still quite proud of the work we did for this important Montreal establishment.

I have also edited articles written by top engineers in the power generation industry, legal procedures, reports and briefs, correspondence and emails for CEOs, and even a couple of writers’ manuscripts!

Spoken Word, Written Word – Two very different modes of expression

Your spoken French may be quite good and you may have the presence of mind to use spell check, but if you are a better speaker than writer, a few simple edits can mean the difference between awkwardness and ease of reading for the person receiving your message,


You can trust me to:

  • make sure your correspondence follows protocol;
  • help you formulate your message for your target audience;
  • adapt your texts to fit different formats;
  • edit your texts for clarity, grammar, punctuation and style.

For more examples of my editing services, see the Pantero Group and Seratos Consulting websites.

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