Elizabeth Hirst, Hirst Communications

Elizabeth_HirstElizabeth_Hirst“Over all the years I’ve dealt with freelancers, I can honestly say that Hélène is the most versatile. She is one of those rare people who can translate well in both directions (English to French and vice-versa), as well as edit and proofread. Her original writing, in both languages, is engaging, grammatical and thoroughly researched.  She has produced attractive posters, business cards, websites and Facebook posts for me and my clients. This talent allows her to work with text and illustrations together, which always produces a superior result. Most important, Hélène won’t let go until the work is up to her standards, which are high. She genuinely cares about the client and the product or service. Combine this with her quick turnaround time, and you have the best support you could wish for in a communications project.”