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Paul Berryman, Graphic Designer

Paul Berryman, Graphic Designer

“Hélène keeps it real, she’s respectful, helpful, collaborative, totally reasonable and from my perspective the work always seems go well. We’ve worked together on web and print projects for the last four years or so and it’s always been a pleasure working with her.”

Hélène Montpetit

I translate, write copy, create and manage content. A self-motivated and autonomous team member, I can take your project from inception to implementation. I pride myself on being an effective and trustworthy ally to my clients and collaborators. Born of an Anglo-Quebecker mother and a Franco-Ontarian father, I grew up in a Montreal suburb during the “not-so-quiet” revolution, acquiring a deep understanding of both cultures and developing the ability to see past surface differences to find common ground. I am an avid reader, interested in social and environmental issues and in the current grassroots movements that are working toward positive change. I love to learn new things and am passionate about finding the right words and images. You will find me eager to learn about you and your business and to help further your goals for any project we take on together.

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