Growing up in a Montreal suburb with an Anglo-Montrealer mother and Franco-Ontarian father during the not-so-quiet revolution was an interesting experience. Not only did it make me perfectly bilingual, it also gave me an understanding of both cultures and a capacity to see past surface differences to find common ground. These gifts are especially useful when it comes to translation because they make it possible for me to convey meaning without losing authenticity or musicality of language.

I have translated studies, reports, briefs, website content and brochures in the fields of renewable energy, fundraising, child care, food systems, agriculture, food security and safety, music, sports, social issues and more.

Most recently, I translated a manual on the long term development of athletic climbers,  a dessert catalogue and a legal agreement between a design engineering firm and a parts manufacturer.

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Not all sectors I have worked in are listed here. Please get in touch to discuss my level of proficiency with your field of activity.