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About me

About me

Who I am, what I do, my approach to projects

Lennie_Magazine_EditorI translate, write copy, create and manage content. A self-motivated and autonomous team member, I can take your project from inception to implementation. I pride myself on being an effective and trustworthy ally to my clients and collaborators.

Born of an Anglo-Quebecker mother and a Franco-Ontarian father, I grew up in a Montreal suburb during the “not-so-quiet” revolution, acquiring a deep understanding of both cultures and developing the ability to see past surface differences to find common ground.

I am an avid reader, interested in social and environmental issues and in the current grassroots movements that are working toward positive change. I love to learn new things and am passionate about finding the right words and images. You will find me eager to learn about you and your business and to help further your goals for any project we take on together.

Nothing matters more to me than doing a good job for you, which is why my approach is determined by the watchwords “listen, clarify, articulate”.

Picture1WHY “LISTEN”? Because you deserve to be really heard.  I may be knowledgeable and creative, but nobody knows more about your business than you do. My job is to give you the tools you need to reach your goals. I may suggest ideas or solutions you might not have thought of, but experience has taught me that listening carefully and asking the right questions at the outset can save both time and money.

Picture2WHY “CLARIFY?” Because you deserve to be truly understood. 
According to British author Julian Barnes, “Mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all.” It may not always be easy, but I work toward obtaining the highest degree of clarity possible when defining your needs, your target audience and the tone and tenure you want for your project.

Picture3WHY “ARTICULATE”? Because choosing the right elements for the final product is key.
When the first two elements are engaged, the appropriate vehicle and approach often reveal themselves organically. Language, images, colours, sounds and platform can then  come together and reflect your unique voice. I invest in getting it right and I commit to working until we are proud of the final results.